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Indie games are at a very unique position right now compared to AAA games, especially when it comes to pricing. While AAA titles need to stick to the classic Recommended Retail Price of $99 AUD we're used to or risk being perceived as inferior if cheaper or overpriced if more, the indie game is able to enter at a large range of price points. In this article we hope to help you decide the optimum price for your upcoming game.


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Well, loot boxes are certainly all the (internet) rage recently with them appearing in AAA games such as Forza 7, Assassin's Creed Origins and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. In this article we will discuss what loot boxes are and how they could potentially be a big part in the monetisation of games in the future.

So what are Loot Boxes?

Loot boxes, much like Daenerys Targeryen, go by many different names and titles; Booster packs, card packs, loot llamas, mystery chests (you get the picture hopefully). Depending on the game the content...

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