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Indie games are at a very unique position right now compared to AAA games, especially when it comes to pricing. While AAA titles need to stick to the classic Recommended Retail Price of $99 AUD we're used to or risk being perceived as inferior if cheaper or overpriced if more, the indie game is able to enter at a large range of price points. In this article we hope to help you decide the optimum price for your upcoming game.


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Well, loot boxes are certainly all the (internet) rage recently with them appearing in AAA games such as Forza 7, Assassin's Creed Origins and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. In this article we will discuss what loot boxes are and how they could potentially be a big part in the monetisation of games in the future.

So what are Loot Boxes?

Loot boxes, much like Daenerys Targeryen, go by many different names and titles; Booster packs, card packs, loot llamas, mystery chests (you get the picture hopefully). Depending on the game the content...


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The recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch Online Service being pushed back to 2018 has caused a large ripple in the gaming industry. Many articles emerging are comparing it to Netflix in terms of being a game subscription service - however this is far from being the case. The Switch Online Service is NOT the Netflix for games and is actually quite different.

Let's start with explaining what the Switch Online Service is from what we know so far.

What is the Nintendo Switch Online Service?

The Switch Online Service is a paid sub...


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Jammed Up Studios cleverly realised how important steamers were to their upcoming game 'Think of the Children' and made it more appealing to these streamers.


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To kick this for those unfamiliar with Borderlands (seriously it's awesome, check it out) here is the trailer from the first game:

 The Original Borderlands Trailer

Okay now that's out of the way let's talk marketing! A big selling point of the original Borderlands is the number of guns available - 97 gazillion in fact. Yep I counted them all, that or gazillion is a made up word. But netherless Borderlands is about guns, guns and more guns. There's also RPG elements and other stuff. Anyway this isn't about the first Borderlands but abo...


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Party Golf, available on the PlayStation 4 and Steam, ultimately missed the hole when it came to marketing. Kaydos discussed ways how the game could have been better marketed.


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"It's a me, Moneymaker!"

The Nintendo Switch (watch here) was just recently officially revealed, having previously gone by the project title NX, and with it the Internet was quite divided. Fans rave and stock prices plummet (ouch!). With a new console comes the chance for great new experiences and innovation but given Nintendo's history a lot of potential problems. So given the three minute or so trailer, Nintendo's current strategic position and the state the gaming industry is heading lets decide - Is the Nintendo Switch: On or Off?

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