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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Limit Break Marketing.

The goal is to help local Brisbane indie game developers with their marketing needs. Currently as a one man army (I'd like to think of myself as Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors) Limit Break Marketing is just starting out but with ambition and drive we know we can succeed!

Wishing you the best with your game development.


Founder of Limit Break Marketing



Limit Break Marketing is all about passion (that's partially why the logo has a flame - and to remind myself to never let my passion burn out).

First and foremost I am passionate about gaming and the overall industry. I want it to continue to grow and thrive and to become a better experience for players, developers and all those involved. Gaming is awesome. I love working with passionate people and the joy of assisting them in their success. 

I've been a massive gamer for my entire life - I grew up with a Sega Master System playing awesome games like Alex Kidd in Shinobi World before falling in love with the PlayStation One and the golden era of JRPGs. I once made my own Triple Triad cards from cut-out images from PlayStation magazines and took to school to play.

Passion also overflows into what we do - I love marketing (not quite as much as gaming) and being able to combine my two passions together is a dream I am striving to achieve.

Experience and Qualifications

Admittedly I am still new to the gaming industry but with that comes a thirst to learn and grow.


Experience wise I have three years in a professional brick-and-mortar retail environment where I was the marketing coordinator doing marketing across a variety of channels (facebook, radio, email, signage).

I also have nearly a year of experience in e-commerce on the Shopify platform where I overcame new challenges and taught myself new skills.

I studied at the University of Tasmania where I obtained my Masters of Marketing, as well as a Graduate Cert in Marketing and a Bachelor of Business.

Values and Ethics

I strongly wish to work with those that share the same values and ethics as I do.

First and foremost my main priority is to either help the gaming industry grow and expand in a positive manner. I don't like doing shady things (which I may refer to as black mage marketing) just for quick results. Good game with good marketing.

Next our priority is to ensure the players are being treated fairly and with respect. I'm here to help you bring good experiences to players to enjoy.

My last main priority is with you, the (potential) client. I wish to ensure that when you are with me, or Limit Break Marketing, that you feel confident you made the right choice. This is still a new industry and there are rapid changes and much more to learn. Hopefully together we can learn and grow.


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